Bug Lake & Black Bear Mountain

I joined mom and dad for a short weekend trip as they camped at 8th Lake.  Because I’m a lover of hiking, we decided to take a short hike to Bug Lake.

The trail head leaves right from the campground.  It would only be a short 2 mile hike to Bug Lake.

Very soon after the start to the trail, you swill see part of 7th lake and cross over a bridge to an old dirt road. This makes following the trail so easy!

7th Lake can be viewed from either side of the bridge.

At about 0.6 miles you meet a fork in the road, right will take you to Eagles Nest Lake & Bug Lake.  Left will take you along the trail, so you will see neither lake.  Both clock about 0.3 miles.  We opted to take the route that allowed us to see the lakes.

After the lakes we decided to continue along the trail.  At about 1.6 miles you reach another trail intersection.  Right will take you to 8th Lake.  Straight will take you to Black Bear Mountain.  My heart always opts for the mountain route.  But my mom isn’t really a mountain hiker.  Surprisingly though, she agreed, so we headed towards Black Bear.

The high peaks are in the distance!

We are not 100% sure we made it to the summit.  We stopped for a snack here and a little water.  But since we hadn’t actually planned on summiting a mountain, we didn’t have much.  It was also late in the day.  We decided at this point to turn back.  We have made it close enough to the summit.

On our way back we had a bit of a black bear encounter.  Fitting since we had just climbed Black Bear Mountain.  At the trail that branches off for 8th Lake we saw a bear!  We kept moving so as not to disrupt him (or her).  I made some noise with my water bottle and he (or she) ran away.  That was a fun…and interesting experience.  It’s the only time I’ve ever encountered wildlife on a hike (other than birds, squirrels and chipmunks).

We took trail 701 to 899.


  • Date: August 24, 2013
  • Who Hiked: Dad, Mom, Me
  • Route/Trails: Bug Lake/Eagle Crest Lake to Black Bear Mountain (trail 701 to 899 on map above)
  • Trip Stats:


For more information on hiking Black Bear Mountain, click here


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