The Time I Hiked Cascade (& Porter)

Since I revamped my blog into something COMPLETELY new… Fridays we’re going to #flashback to the past and dig into some of my adventures.


It’s good that I start with this post, because by the time we get closer to the present with these flashbacks you’ll forget my HORRIFIC photography skills from this post.

August 8, 2006

If I’m honest, since this hike was over 10 years ago, I barely remember anything. We were camping (mom, dad, & my brothers) at Lake Harris and I probably begged to do this hike.  Because to me, hiking one of the 46 was a goal, and anyone could do it, athletic shape meant nothing… BOY WAS I WRONG.


I remember searching in the campground for sticks to use as hiking poles (that I’m sure we discarded somewhere along the trail). And gathering the list of hiking gear from around the house to pack in my high school backpack. 

Then there was the huffing, and puffing as we climbed to the tip top of cascade.


I lived to tell the tale, but it would be a good 5 years before I hit the hiking trail again. 


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