#12 – Read One Book a Week or 52 Books (#ThirtyBeforeThirty) – Part 1

Okay, so... 52 books (for me) isn't exactly a challenge, and I should probably state that this started September 1, 2017 - not January 1, 2018. I have now made it halfway to my goal of 52 books for the "year" (or one book a week).  Clearly I read too much for my own good.… Continue reading #12 – Read One Book a Week or 52 Books (#ThirtyBeforeThirty) – Part 1

Bullet Journaling

How I Chose My Word of 2018

Last post, I shared my word of the year. RENEW I came across Design Your Destiny from Sublime Reflection in one of the bullet journal groups on Facebook I frequent. This is a great (free) tool for setting goals for a new year. In the course (or just follow the workbook prompts), you'll review 2017… Continue reading How I Chose My Word of 2018

Events & Parties

Creating Sherlock Holmes

Oh y'all I LOVE planning events! And this one was no exception! November 3, 2017 I yet again, took on the auction at MCA with a theme I was super excited about SHERLOCK HOLMES.  Each year I think to myself through the entire planning process, "can I beat last year?" Well... I'll let you be… Continue reading Creating Sherlock Holmes

Outdoor Adventures

Bike Riding By the Hudson

This was an exceptionally warm Columbus Day Weekend, which for me was a little bit of a bummer, I really like fall camping, and it just wasn't the same without sweatshirts & even mittens and hats.  But we made the best of it and had some extra summer fun with a bike ride. October 8,… Continue reading Bike Riding By the Hudson


#4 – Do a Weekend Road Trip (#ThirtyBeforeThirty)

I wasted no time when it came to starting this challenge. Day 1 and I was off to complete #4 of the #ThirtyBeforeThirty challenge - Do a weekend road trip. September 22-24, 2017 September 22, 2017 I arrived at Stokes Sate Forest just around 5 P.M.  The main office was closed, which caused a little… Continue reading #4 – Do a Weekend Road Trip (#ThirtyBeforeThirty)


#17 – Watch the Sun Set or Rise on a Mountain (#ThirtyBeforeThirty)

Oh people, it's so fun to cross off a challenge item! After trekking up Sunrise Mountain in New Jersey and realizing that you can drive to the almost top with only 0.10 miles to go, we were all about driving back up near sunset to watch that golden hour magic. #17 - Watch the sun set… Continue reading #17 – Watch the Sun Set or Rise on a Mountain (#ThirtyBeforeThirty)

Outdoor Adventures

The Time I Hiked Sunrise Mountain

After the trek up Cascade & Porter and my *obsession* with hiking began, I had big plans to hike the Appalachian Trail with my dog, which for some reason I wanted to name Bubba.  I'm a planner, but my follow through is often non-existent. So instead, I'll settle for a couple of miles on the… Continue reading The Time I Hiked Sunrise Mountain



When I turned 15, I remember going around school complaining that I was halfway to 30.  Now at 29, I'm going to pretend that on September 22, 2018 when the big 3-0 hits that being half-way to 60 is a cool thing.  My 2 year old niece told me yesterday that 30 isn't old (of… Continue reading #ThirtyBeforeThirty

Outdoor Adventures

The Time I Hiked Sleeping Beauty

Here's my problem.  I really like to start hiking challenges.  Fire Towers, 46 High Peaks, 115 North East, Lake George 12ster... the list continues. I've actually yet to finish one of these challenges though.  I really should probably focus on just ONE and figure it out. August 26, 2017 Sleeping Beauty is one of the… Continue reading The Time I Hiked Sleeping Beauty