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#1: Travel to Another Timezone

As I write this, I sit in the airport - in Chicago. Therefore - I have officially traveled to another timezone. Granted, I'm in the airport; and can't even see the Chicago skyline - but I can check off number one on my #thirtybeforethirty list! Snapped this shot walking into the Albany Airport back home...… Continue reading #1: Travel to Another Timezone

Outdoor Adventures

California Bound…

Oh y'all. In just a few days... I'm hopping on a flight to the great state of California.  I can not even believe that this is happening (considering I've never left the EST time zone). So what does one do when a trip is coming.  She makes lists in her bullet journal. And she shares… Continue reading California Bound…


Photoshoot: Naomi (3 Yr.)

Sometimes I wonder if my nieces will be the only people I ever photograph... If it is, I'm really okay, cause their just darn cute... This little gem is turning THREE! YIKES... and what better way to celebrate than pretty dress and a fun photoshoot with your sisters. Here's some of my favorite shots:  … Continue reading Photoshoot: Naomi (3 Yr.)


#12 – Read One Book a Week or 52 Books (#ThirtyBeforeThirty) – Part 1

Okay, so... 52 books (for me) isn't exactly a challenge, and I should probably state that this started September 1, 2017 - not January 1, 2018. I have now made it halfway to my goal of 52 books for the "year" (or one book a week).  Clearly I read too much for my own good.… Continue reading #12 – Read One Book a Week or 52 Books (#ThirtyBeforeThirty) – Part 1


Photoshoot: Lydia (Newborn)

Every time I take photos of my nieces I have these grand intentions of how they will turn out.  You'd think I'd know by now that what I set out to do, always doesn't happen.  Sometimes its a major fail, sometimes its a success - but in a completely different way then I imagined. You'll… Continue reading Photoshoot: Lydia (Newborn)

Bullet Journaling

How I Chose My Word of 2018

Last post, I shared my word of the year. RENEW I came across Design Your Destiny from Sublime Reflection in one of the bullet journal groups on Facebook I frequent. This is a great (free) tool for setting goals for a new year. In the course (or just follow the workbook prompts), you'll review 2017… Continue reading How I Chose My Word of 2018

Bullet Journaling

Look Inside My Bullet Journal (#7)

This is by far my favorite journal (I've said that before... I know...) But come on... it was ROSE GOLD! (well... technically copper - but close enough). Here are some of my favorite spreads (from my favorite journal.) Can you tell my hand lettering skills are IMPROVING??? I tried my hand at a little stamping… Continue reading Look Inside My Bullet Journal (#7)

Events & Parties

Creating Sherlock Holmes

Oh y'all I LOVE planning events! And this one was no exception! November 3, 2017 I yet again, took on the auction at MCA with a theme I was super excited about SHERLOCK HOLMES.  Each year I think to myself through the entire planning process, "can I beat last year?" Well... I'll let you be… Continue reading Creating Sherlock Holmes

Outdoor Adventures

Bike Riding By the Hudson

This was an exceptionally warm Columbus Day Weekend, which for me was a little bit of a bummer, I really like fall camping, and it just wasn't the same without sweatshirts & even mittens and hats.  But we made the best of it and had some extra summer fun with a bike ride. October 8,… Continue reading Bike Riding By the Hudson