Erin Condren September Color Scheme Stickers – FREE Printable!

I think I have truly found my calling.  Nothing makes me happier than to create and design these things – FOR FREE!

Today we have some printable tracking and to do stickers that match the Erin Condren September color scheme.

september tracker todo

September Tracker/To Do for ECLP (1 download)

Track away my planning friends!

FREE PRINTABLE Erin Condren Border Boxes

I’ve moved on the from my ECLP (I’ll post about that soon…) But I’ve got TONS of printable’s that I’ve been creating that I’m going to be sharing with you all over the next few weeks.  Todays’ is a sheet full of boxes that fit perfectly in the ECLP boxes, with some pretty fun borders.


border boxes blank

Erin Condren Border Boxes (BLANK) (2 downloads)

Happy Planning!

Read Through the Bible Tracker (For Filofax Personal)

Reading through the Bible this year?

Check out these great printable’s pre-sized to fit into your Filofax PERSONAL size planner (print on pre-cut 3.75″ x 6.75″ paper). Simply mark off or highlight the chapter number when you’ve finished!

Available in both Old Testament and New Testament.

Old TestamentNew Testament

Old Testament Tracker Filofax Personal (2 downloads) New Testament Tracker Filofax Personal (2 downloads)

Happy Planning!

September Blog Kit FREE Printable

Track your blog progress in September with this great FREE printable.

Includes monthly calendar, blog list/tracker & posting stickers.

september blog kit 2015 part 2 september blog kit 2015

September 2015 Blog Kit (3 downloads)


Icons FREE Printable Planner Stickers

Here are some helpful social media icons.

Plan out our social posts, blog posts and more with these stickers.  Each icon is about .5″ square.

icons - wordpress instagram twitter facebook - watermark

Social Media Icons 1 (5 downloads)


ECLP September Color Scheme Printable

Head over to my Etsy shop for a 2 pages spread of September color scheme stickers (over 75 of them!).

flags and boxes september 2015 colors watermark september stickers 2015 watermark

ECLP Bible Verse Squares

How much are you LOVING all these FREE printables?

I know … me too! (I think I’m having as much fun creating them as I have searching for them).

Today’s printable is a conglomeration of great Bible Verses to commit to memory.  They will perfectly fit in to the squares in your Erin Condren…and other like planners.

MISC Bible Verse Boxes

Misc. Bible Verse ECLP Squares (8 downloads)

NOTE: These images were found on a Google search, I searched to make sure that these were not copyrighted. If, however, one of these images belongs to you, please contact me and I will remove it from this printable.  Thanks!

Top Three Sites for FREE Printable’s

I love free printable’s.  No really… I LOVE them.


In fact if I was paid for the countless hours of scouring Pinterest for them…I’d be well on my way out of student loan debt.

So here’s my TOP THREE picks for best websites for FREE printables.

Full Faith – lots of great “stickers” and template printables

Wendaful – printables for LOTS of types of planners, ECLP, midori, filofax…etc…

Vintage Glam Studio – stickers and Erin Condren GALORE!


Happy Planning!



Filofax Blog Planners FREE PRINTABLES

Back when I had grand intentions of using a Filofax…I created these.  BUT i just couldn’t adjust to the personal size.

So here’s a few blog planners created for the personal size Filofax.  All are adjusted to the 3.75″ x 6.75″ paper size used in a personal size filofax.  Just pre-cut your pages to this size BEFORE printing.

This weekly blog planner is available in black or red!

weekly blog plannerDownload Weekly Blog Planner HERE:

Weekly Blog Planner - black (3 downloads) weekly blog planner - red (3 downloads)

This is a blog post checklist and blog statistics tracker. Available is Black or Purple.

blog post statistics and checklistsDownload Blog Statistics & Checklist HERE:

Blog Statistics and Checklist - purple (9 downloads) blog statistics and checklist - black (3 downloads)

Happy Planning!

Buck Mountain (6-27-15)

Here I am again…super late at posting this trip Report for Buck Mountain.  We decided to hike Buck from Pilot Knob.  It was overall a great hike.  We hit the trail head at just after 9am.  After signing into the trail register (dually noting the WANTED posters for the two escaped convicts from a little farther north – one, who at that point had been shot and killed, the other who would be captured just a day or two later) we headed on our way.

the map route at the trail head/register

the map route at the trail head/register

Trail sign letting us know where to go.

Trail sign letting us know where to go.

The beginning of the trail was wide anf fairly flat (just the way I like my hikes to start out).  We kept trekking on enjoying the scenery.



Which way is next?

Which way is next?

IMG_0009 We reached the top at just about 11:30 and enjoyed a rest and lunch.  The actual summit was pretty crowded with people, but there was a little portion off to the right of the trail that was pretty empty.  We chose to be there and enjoy the “quiet.”

Lake George from the summit

Lake George from the summit



testing out my new hiking boots!

another view of Lake George

another view of Lake George


cairns showing the way

cairns showing the way


One last view before heading back down!

the route

the route

trip stats

trip stats

Buck Mountain profile

Buck Mountain profile